Monday, 27 January 2014

Leeds 1 repair system for an Airey house.

The Leeds 1 repair system for an Airey house has been used comprehesively by local authorities in the UK to rectify the structural defects which can occur in the concrete posts of Airey houses.

The Leeds 1 repair system is where the house load is transferred to new load bearing blockwork in the three external walls of the house.

There are high street mortgage lenders which will lend on houses repaired under the Leeds 1 repair system as long as the correct certification is in place. Unfortunately very few ex local authority houses repaired under this system do have the correct documentation in place. 

PRC Consultants specialise in all aspects of PRC houses and can arrange for the correct documentation to be put in place and advise on which lenders will accept the Leeds 1 repair system of an Airey house.

If you own an Airey house repaired under the Leeds 1 system, please do not think you have to spend thousands of pounds having structural works carried out internally to be able to attract mortgage lending.

Please call us on 01384 258498 for professional advice on your Airey house.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Retrospective PRC Certificate

If you own a repaired PRC house and you do not have the appropriate PRC certificate mortgage lenders will be very reluctant to lend on your house. To make your house mortgageable we can arrange to issue a Retrospective PRC Certificate, this is an after works certificate which mortgage lenders will accept for repaired PRC houses.

We will firstly need to inspect your property to insure the repair works carried out meet the required standards, on a successful inspection we will be able to issue you with a Retrospective PRC Certificate for you house.

For more information in regards to a Retrospective PRC Certificate for you house please call us on 01384 258498.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

PRC Homes Ltd

PRC Homes Ltd ceased trading in approxametly 1998, for information on the reissuing of PRC Homes certifiactes please call us on 01384 258498.

PRC Consultants specialists in PRC Houses.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

PRC Certificate

PRC Consltants are specialists in the reisuing of PRC Certificates.

Mortgage lenders today will not lend on PRC houses unless the appropriate certification is in place, we have vast knowledge and records on PRC houses which have been repaired in England, Scotland and Wales.

For more information on how to obtain a PRC certificate for your property please call us on 01384 258498.